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Welcome to the EM&V Forum Private Portal. Through this portal, you can access documents for all EM&V Forum projects, check-in on upcoming meeting times and materials, and download/submit draft documents for review.

Past meetings and materials for individual quarterly meetings and subcommittee meetings can be accessed in the side-navigation bar to the right, or via the links below. 

Project committee monthly update:

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View materials from past Steering Committee meetings here

Project Committee  

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View materials from past project committee quarterly meetings here

Active Forum Project Subcommittees* 

Protocol & Development (PD)

Upcoming Meetings

Research & Evaluation (RE)

Upcoming Meetings

Net Savings (PD 13-1)   Mid-Atlantic Technical Reference Manual (RE15-1)  
REED (PD15-1)   Incremental Cost (RE15-2)  
EM&V Methods (PD15-2)   Home Energy Management Systems (RE15-3)  
Changing EM&V Paradigm (PD15-3)   Loadshape Data Catalog (RE15-5)  

*Table last updated 2/17/15

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