MA Building Energy Code

In July 2016 Massachusetts amended its current building codes to include the 2015 IECC / ASHRAE 2013, which became fully effective on January 2, 2016. The update includes state amendments for the base energy code (residential and commercial), as well as an updated stretch energy code

UPDATE: In May 2017, Masachusetts further amended their energy code while finalizing their adoption of the other 2015 I-codes. Two substantial amendments were made to the state's base code to add: (1) Solar ready roof requirements for residential and commercial new construction and additions of 3 stories or less; and (2) COMcheck submittal requirements with permit applications for new commercial construction (completed COMcheck Envelope, Lighting, and Mechanical Compliance Certificates as well as Plan Review Inspection Checklist). Electric vehicle ready provisions for residential and commercial new construction were considered but ultimately not included in this update.

NEW: Senate Bill 1771 would establish a zero net energy building standard for new residential construction by 2020 and for new commercial construction by 2030.

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