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Le Tour de Non-Energy Impacts

With July comes the biggest cycling race in the world - Le Tour de France. As an avid biker, this annual summer event is one of my personal favorites. It appeals for a variety of reasons, including the perseverance racers have, the variety of terrain and landscapes the course travels, and the collective wave of success.

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The fruit salad of energy efficiency standardization

The nutrition label for a banana that’s pictured below is a familiar example of standardization; these labels provide transparent reporting based on established testing.  Our society trusts this information, and uses it routinely for cooking and comparison shopping.


EM&V Workshop: 5 Things You Should Know About the Emerging Evaluation World

The 2014 version of the Mid-Atlantic Technical Reference Manual (TRM), one of the few multi-jurisdictional technical reference manuals in the country, will be available in June. The EM&V Forum maintains and annually updates the Mid-Atlantic TRM, which serves Delaware, the District of Columbia, and Maryland, to provide a basis for reporting energy...

Update: EM&V Forum Cost-Effectiveness Guidance Project

Update: EM&V Forum Cost-Effectiveness Guidance Project  

While many states in our region are national leaders in energy efficiency, there is always room for improvement as efficiency policies are increasingly central to state’s overall policy goals.

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