The 2021 International Energy Conservation Code

The 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is regarded by many as a significant achievement in building energy efficiency compared to the prior two code cycles (IECC 2015 and IECC 2018). An initial U.S. Department of Energy determination estimates a national average of 9.38 percent site energy savings and 8.66 percent energy cost savings compared to the 2018 IECC, with variance dependent upon climate zones.

NEEP has released the following one-pager and modules concerning key changes to the 2021 IECC model code relative to the previous edition, the 2018 IECC. These high-level overview video modules are intended for informational purposes only and are not recommended to be used for training or compliance.

If you have further questions or clarifications, be sure to reach out to NEEP.

IECC and ICC Background

2021 IECC Residential Overview

2021 IECC Commercial Overview

2021 IECC Electrification Overview

2021 IECC Residential Prescriptive Compliance Pathway

2021 IECC Residential Performance Pathway

2021 IECC Residential ERI Pathway

2021 IECC Residential Additional Efficiency Options

2021 IECC Residential Zero Energy and Electrification Provisions 

2021 IECC Commercial Prescriptive Compliance Pathway

2021 IECC Commercial Total Building Performance Pathway 

2021 IECC Commercial Zero Energy

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