Solutions for Low-Carbon States and Communities

The Solutions for Low-Carbon States and Communities project delivers innovative efficiency and decarbonization solutions for new and existing buildings. NEEP works to support states, counties, and municipalities in designing policies and programs that meet their needs and advance building decarbonization across the region. NEEP’s communities work is tailored to municipal government staff, volunteers working with their local government, and others that support state and local action. NEEP’s objectives include:

  • Engage and collaborate with stakeholders to share resources and best practices
  • Directly engage with states and municipalities to adopt innovative strategies that reduce carbon emissions from buildings
  • Develop tools and reports that offer thought leadership to stakeholders to more rapidly transform the market


On these pages users will find information about tools such as the Home Energy Labeling Information eXchange (HELIX), Energy Estimator, Building Energy Analysis Manager (BEAM). The team’s main areas of work are residential energy labeling, commercial benchmarking and building performance standards (BPS), whole-home approaches, and high performance school buildings.

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