Jessica Augat

Manager, Industry Relations and Events

John Balfe

Senior Manager, State and Community Solutions

Lisa Cascio

Director, Partner Engagement

Erin Cosgrove

Senior Manager, Policy and Programs

Aditi Dalal

Associate, Policy and Programs

Laura De Angelo

Senior Manager, Operations

Deepti Dutt

Manager, Technology Market Transformation

Destiny Elliott

Associate, Digital Marketing

Andrea Krim

Manager, Codes and Standards

Dave Lis

Director, Technology Market Transformation

Chase Macpherson

Senior Associate, State and Community Solutions

Jennifer Marrapese

Senior Director, Programs and Strategy

Tara McElhinney

Associate, Technology Market Transformation

Tasneem Osman

Associate, Building Energy Codes

Michael Rossi

Senior Associate, Building Energy Codes

Arah Schuur

Executive Director

Jennifer Wassan

Senior Manager, Development

Andy Winslow

Senior Associate, State and Community Solutions

Cornelia Wu

Senior Manager, Codes and Standards

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