Appliance and equipment efficiency standards are one of the most impactful energy-saving policies to date. These regulations keep energy-inefficient, low-quality products out of marketplaces to ensure minimum energy and water efficiency levels are reached by all products. These standards continue to stand the test of time as a corner-stone of energy efficiency policy, stimulating the economy with the addition of 340,000 jobs and, over the next 20 years, will avoid the release of 470 million metric tons of CO2.

State Standards Tracker

State legislatures or state agencies create state standards. There are many states inside and outside the NEEP region that are leaders in standard development, with California setting many benchmarks for energy and water efficiency. In most cases, national standards preempt state standards but states can make standards in the absence of federal standards. Once a state enacts a standard, other states follow in the adoption of the standard. Upon adopting a standard for a particular appliance or equipment in multiple states, manufacturers negotiate with the states and other vested interests to develop a "consensus recommendation for a national standard." Consensus recommendations are the starting point for the majority of national standards.

State Appliance Standards Adoption Status

Recently Passed/Signed (Dec 2020 to date)

                DC, MA, ME, RI

Potential Rulemaking 2021

                CT, NY

Pending Passage 2021

                NJ, PA

Introduce or Reintroduce 2022

                MD, VT


Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic States, State Appliance Standards

The state abbreviations are active links to the enabling legislation.

Air Purifier             x   x 2021   2020  
Commercial Dishwashers         2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Commercial Fryer         2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Commercial Hot Food Holding Cabinets 2007   2021 2007 2021 2008 x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Commercial Oven         2021   x   x 2021      
Commercial Steam Cookers         2021   x   x 2021      
Computers and Computer Monitors     2021   2021   x     2021 2018 2020  
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment         2021   x   x 2021      
Faucets     2021       x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Gas Fireplaces                   2021      
High-CRI, Cold Temperature, and Impact Resistant Flourescent Lamps         2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Portable Electric Spas 2007   2021   2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Residential Ventilating Fans         2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Showerheads     2021       x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Spray Sprinkler Bodies     2021   2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
State-Regulated General Service Lamps     2021   2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Urinals     2021   2021   x   x 2021 2018 2020  
Water Closets     2021   2021   x   x 2021   2020  
Water Coolers (or Water Dispensers) 2007   2021 2007 2021 2008 x   x 2021 2018 2020  

Green "x" = pending legislation


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