If you believe energy efficiency is an essential part of a sustainable regional energy system...

If energy efficiency is part of your organization's mission...

Now is the time for you to join our Allies network!

The NEEP Allies Program is an opportunity to affiliate with NEEP and join our diverse network of energy efficiency stakeholders working to realize the full potential of energy efficiency to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. 


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What are the Benefits of Being a NEEP Ally?


Stay informed with NEEP’s experts’ perspectives and guidance on regional efficiency trends and hot topics with

  • Weekly regional policy and code updates
  • Webinars with Allies and State Partners, for topical updates
  • “Allies Intel” newsletter with in-depth analysis, upcoming events, and publications
  • Access to NEEP Working Groups


Participate in NEEP's regional network of efficiency leaders and stakeholders

  • Receive a discounted conference pass to the NEEP Summit

  • Receive discounted passes to NEEP workshops

  • Participate as a mentor in our student mentoring program at selected NEEP events

  • Access our NEEP Allies contact list (as made available by individual Allies)


Use NEEP’s tools and resources to promote your organization

  • NEEP will highlight your organization on our website and social media platforms, in newsletters, at events and through networking opportunities

  • Opportunity to post one blog per year to NEEP’s Energy Efficiency Matters blog

  • Opportunity to list your organization’s events, news and general postings in NEEP’s on-line industry calendar, social media platforms and newsletter

  • Co-promote your organization’s innovations in NEEP’s social media platforms and monthly newsletter

  • Access special NEEP Allies rates for the sponsorship of events and projects

Who Can Join? 

Anyone can become a NEEP Ally. We welcome any business, institution, agency or organization seeking to unlock the low-carbon potential and associated energy reliability and economic benefits of energy efficiency to be part of our regional network of energy efficiency leaders, movers and shakers. NEEP affiliates include:

  • Energy Management Platform and Software Providers
  • Energy Services Firms
  • Analysts and Consultants
  • Policy and Research Institutes
  • Manufacturers & Distributors
  • Efficiency Program Administrators
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profits
  • Academia and Laboratories
  • Start-ups

Our tiered-pricing reflects the different sizes and profiles of our Allies:

Company Size

Annual Fee

Tier I: Non-profits, Academia, State Energy Offices, For profits 1 to 19 employees$2,500
Tier II: For profits, 20 to 199 employees$4,000
Tier III: For profits, 200 to 999 employees$6,000
Tier IV: For profits, more than 1,000 employees $8,000


Contact Jessica Augat to learn more or to join NEEP as an Ally. 

Stay informed

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