Building Energy Codes

Building energy codes are the base for energy efficient buildings, dictating the minimum level of energy efficiency in new buildings and in buildings retrofits. NEEP helps the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic reduce its energy use and carbon emissions by providing states with resources to develop, implement, and comply with energy codes.

NEEP Objectives

  • Increase state and local adoption and enforcement of the latest national model energy code and stretch codes.

  • Expand building energy code compliance studies and programs with energy savings attribution for increased compliance rates.

  • Assist and support state and local governments with adoption plans or policies to achieve zero carbon and zero energy building codes by 2040 or sooner.

Visit the Energy Codes page for information on code attribution & compliance, model energy codes, stretch codes, and more related resources.

Appliance & Equipment Standards

Appliance and equipment efficiency standards set minimum energy and water efficiency levels for certain appliances, equipment, and lighting products. These standards are one of the most impactful energy-saving policies to date because they keep energy-inefficient, low-quality products out of marketplaces lowering consumer energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. NEEP helps the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic adopt appliance standards to ensure that our communities are comprised of healthy and resilient homes and buildings.

NEEP Objectives

  • Increase state adoption of energy-and water-efficient standards.

  • Assist and support state implementation and enforcement of adopted standards.

Visit the Appliance Standards page for information on standards adopted in the NEEP region and more related resources.


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