Community Action Planning for Energy Efficiency

Welcome to the CAPEE tool. If you've come to this page, you're interested in helping your community reach its energy goals, improve its efficiency, or reduce its carbon footprint. This tool will guide you on the journey, with step-by-step practical advice to turn your information and intention into action.

CAPEE was built specifically for those "energy champions" faced with limited bandwidth, resources, or expertise to tackle the many energy issues facing their communities. It will provide diagnostics and a path forward for specific issues facing your community.

How it works

CAPEE is a free online tool that equips communities with resources and knowledge to set goals and prioritize actions that lead to improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. Upon completion, a customized dashboard will provide a snapshot overview of your community and support for priority-setting.

Step 1

Complete Short Questionnaire

Step 2

Receive Your Recommendations

Step 3

Action Plan & Discussion Groups

A benefit for your community

CAPEE was designed to help communities overcome the many factors that prevent them from achieving energy and carbon reduction goals. The tool works for small-to-mid size communities that have limited bandwidth, resources, and expertise to accomplish their goals. By providing customized, detailed information in an easy-to-understand format, CAPEE assists communities to implement projects that reduce operating costs, improve health of building occupants, and demonstrate environmental stewardship. CAPEE was built specifically to be user-friendly. Local-level "energy champions", including energy committee members, facility managers, municipal administration, staff, citizens, and others, can successfully navigate the tool's simplicity and usability.

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