Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Heating Electrification Initiative


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Subscription Questions Product Listing Questions
Who can subscribe? Who can list products? 
Why should my organization subscribe to this project? Who came up with the ccASHP Specification V3.0?
What are the costs to subscribe? What new data fields are required by V3.0?
How do I subscribe to this project? What is required of manufacturers to add new products to the list?
How long does my subscription last? How long is a product included on the list?
Who should I contact if I have additional questions about becoming a subscriber? How long does it take for my product to appear on the list after the application is submitted?
  How are the listing fees structured?
  Why should I pay a listing fee to include my products on this list?
  How do I add and remove products to and from the list?
  Does listing my products allow me access to NEEP’s broader ASHP and Smart Controls Initiative?
  Who should I contact if I have additional questions about listing a product?

Initiative Subscription

A. Anyone/Any organization that is interested in getting involved in this work is invited to subscribe. Our initiative participants include regional, national, and Canadian interest stakeholders spanning federal, state and local government, equipment manufacturers, distributors and installers, utilities and energy service providers, efficiency and clean energy program designers, managers and evaluators, national labs, research institutes and consultants, consumers, low income and environmental advocates, and other interested stakeholders.
A. If you or your organization support the accelerated adoption of high performance ASHP/VRF systems, you are aligned with the primary goal of the Heating Electrification Initiative.  Through subscription, stakeholders will be joining a diverse group of market actors to develop and implement key market strategies that address the key barriers to adoption. Initiative subscribers receive these benefits.
  • Exclusive access to NEEP's Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump Product List
  • Invitation to participate in NEEP's ASHP working groups, advisory committee, and sub-committees
  • Initiative updates and reports on topics, including early access to NEEP reports prior to full publishing
  • Technical expertise
  • Program and policy tracker updates 
  • Visibility and name recognition
A. Costs vary by stakeholder type and “size”. See chart below to determine what the costs are for your specific stakeholder type. Many efficiency programs engage NEEP through state partnerships which provide an umbrella subscription for multiple parties.  Please inquire with your internal management to see if your program/organization is part of a state subscription. 

State Partnership Subscription (same as 2020 State Partnership pricing)

Population < 3 million Population 3-10 Million Population > 10 million


$25,000 $40,000 $60,000

Program Administrator Subscription (i.e. utility or government programs not part of a state partnership)

Program budget <$10M Program budget $10M-$100M Program budget > $100M


$5,000 $11,000 $22,500

Industry Subscription (i.e. non-profits, manufacturers, service providers, consultants, trade associations)*

Non-profit, Small Business (<20 employees) Standard Industry  


$2,500 $5,000

Individual ASHP Installers/Distributors/Community-Based Campaigns/Clean Energy Advocacy Organizations/Interested Consumers/Grant Providers1

No cost

*Use of the ccASHP Product List for administering a program will require a program administrator or state partnership subscription

1 Federal agencies or foundations that provide grant support for NEEP's ASHP Initiative can apply for subscription at no cost.

A. Click here to complete a subscription interest form and a NEEP staff member will be in touch with you to discuss the process and answer any questions you may have. You may also click here to learn more about subscribing to the project.
A. This is an annual subscription from January to December. Each December you will be asked to renew your commitment to this work.
A. Please send an email to with any questions you have. This will send the email to several key NEEP staff working on ASHPs and is the fastest and most direct way to get your question answered.


Listing Products on New ASHP Product List

  • Air Source heat pump (ASHP) manufacturers that have product(s) that adheres to the Cold-Climate Air-Source Heat Pump Specification V4.0 can apply to list products. 
  • Third-party manufacturer representatives or distributors are not able to list products unless they work through the manufacturer to do so.
A: In September 2018, NEEP submitted a memo for request for comment to interested ASHP stakeholders regarding NEEP’s Cold-Climate ASHP Specification (“Spec”) and Product List. NEEP proposed a number of changes to the current specifications and received significant stakeholder input to inform a final determination of revisions. V3.0 is based on the feedback supplied by the industry and working group participants, with the process and differences from V2.0 summarized in the final memo.
A: Version 3.0 requires some additional reporting of cooling performance at 82˚F and 95˚F. There are also new optional opportunities to report additional functionalities related to connectivity, diagnostics, refrigerants, etc.  The new web-based list will also include product images, which manufacturers are greatly encouraged to provide. 
A: With the deployment of the web-based list, product applications for manufacturers can now be done online. If the new products do not bring a manufacturer’s (single brand or group of brands) total product count above a new threshold (11 or 51), there will be no charge to add additional products. If the new products do bring a manufacturer’s (single brand or group of brands) total product count above a new threshold (11 or 51), they will be billed the additional cost of being in the next level of listing fees.
A: Manufacturers pay an annual fee that cover their product’s listing from January through December of each year. As long as the annual listing fee continues to be paid, the product will remain on the list. A manufacturer can choose during the course of their annual listing to remove any of their products from the list.
A: This depends. If an application is incomplete or there are issues or questions on the data, corrections will need to be made before listing. If a manufacturer has already paid and adding a new product doesn’t push them into a new listing tier, and the application is complete, the listing time should be within one week. If a manufacturer has not yet paid, no products will be listed until that payment has been received.
  • The listing fees are based on the total number of products that fall under each brand of products (or groups of brands that fall under a parent company ownership). The costs ranges from $5,000 to $14,000. 
  • The products are determined by unique AHRI numbers, so the same piece of equipment sold under two brands with two associated AHRI number would be considered two products.
  • If a manufacturer moves from one tier of pricing to another (i.e. from 10 to 11 products or from 50 to 51 products), they must pay the difference ($4,000 or $3,000 respectively) to list at the higher tier for the year. Manufactures have the option to remove products to stay at the same tier. 
A: There are many benefits to listing your products with NEEP, including increasing product visibility and access:
  • Many efficiency program use this list to set program incentives for efficient products.
  • Distributors and installers use this list to learn which ccASHP and smart controls products and trends will be in high demand with program incentives.
  • Builders and specifiers use this list to review product options that best suit their client’s needs.
  • Consumers use this list to review the best in building decarbonization technology.
  • Paying a listing fee helps support the improved functionality of the list (i.e. Interface and database)—moving beyond a spreadsheet!
  • Finally, by listing your products, you are helping to financially support a regional market transformation initiative aimed at driving growth in the ASHP market. You can help support this work even more by taking your $2000 discount and applying it towards becoming an initiative subscriber
A: All manufacturers who have paid listing fees for the year will have a login to be able to submit new applications. Products can also be submitted through a "bulk upload" Excel template. Contact for more information. 
A: No. There is a separate subscription program to engage the broader Initiative benefits/activities. However, manufacturers who provide any level of listing fees are provided a one-time $2,000 credit to use towards any other NEEP fees including Initiative subscription, Allies program, or event sponsorship.
A: Please send an email to with any questions you have. This will send the email to several key NEEP staff working on ASHPs and is the fastest and most direct way to get your question answered.

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