The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) is one of two predominant model energy codes adopted by states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Developed by the International Code Council (ICC), the IECC has provisions for both residential and commercial homes and buildings. States often adopt the IECC in its entirety for residential and/or commercial buildings.


The adoption process for the 2024 IECC changed from previous iterations of the IECC. In 2021, the ICC Board of Directors voted to shift from a codes process to a standards process. While in the past, ICC Governmental Members voted on changes, Residential and Commercial Consensus Committees developed the content for inclusion in the 2024 IECC. These committees, which included industry experts and code officials from different sectors following ANSI development procedures and others outlined by the ICC, took into account proposals received in an open call for 2024 IECC proposals.

Public Comment Period

After a year of numerous ICC 2024 IECC Consensus Committee meetings, the 2024 IECC is in final stages of development before publication.

The second public comment period for Public Comment Draft #2 ended on June 30, 2023, and a monograph of public comments was posted to the ICC website in July 2023. Public Comment Draft #2 of the 2024 IECC for residential and commercial buildings was reviewed by the consensus committees. 

IECC Appeals 

The ICC published the final reports on balloting by the IECC Consensus Committees on approved changes to Public Comment Draft #2 (commercial and residential). The appeal deadline was January 2, 2024 (see BSJ Notice). In accordance with CP-01 appeals process, the International Code Council received nine appeals on the 2024 IECC (commercial & residential) committee actions. The appeals were made available to the public on January 11, 2024, and can be accessed here. The appeals were focused on the IECC’s scope and intent, consensus building approaches, procedural specific issues, and subject specific issues.

A four-person Appeals Board was appointed to closely examine each of the submitted appeals and provide a report and recommendation to the ICC Board of Directors. The Appeals Board held public hearings February 21-23, 2024. The Appeals Board on March 4, 2024, issued a report, concluding that the appellants had not demonstrated a material and significant irregularity of process or procedure, and therefore recommended the ICC Board of Directors deny all nine appeals. 

The ICC Board of Directors reviewed the appeals, the report of the Appeals Board and held a public hearing on March 18, 2024. The Board of Directors voted to affirm in part and reject in part nine appeals. The Board removed consensus-driven energy efficiency and decarbonization measures from the 2024 IECC, going against the unanimous recommendation of its own Appeals Board. The following provisions were moved to an appendix: 

  • Sections C406.1.1.1 and C502.3.7.1 (heat pump products) 
  • Sections C403.4.6, C404.10, C405.2.8, R403.5.4 and N1103.5.4 (demand response) 
  • Sections C405.14, R404.7, and N1104.7 (electric vehicle charging infrastructure) 
  • Section C405.16 (electrical energy storage system readiness) 
  • Sections R404.6 and N1104.6 (solar readiness) 
  • Sections R404.5 and N1104.5 (electric readiness) 

The Board decided to move Appendix CG (all-electric commercial), RE (all-electric residential), CD (Section CD101.1 and Table CD101.1 – prescriptive glide path to net zero) and RG (glide path to net zero) to a resource with a cautionary note regarding the risk of preemption. 

For more information, you can access the ICC Board of Director decision on 2024 IECC appeals here

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