The International Energy Conservation Codes (IECC) is one of two predominant energy codes adopted by states in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Developed by the International Codes Council (ICC), the IECC has provisions for both residential and commercial homes and buildings. States often adopt the IECC in its entirety for both residential and commercial.


The adoption process for the 2024 IECC differs from previous iterations of the IECC. In 2021, the ICC Board of Directors voted to shift from a codes process to a standards process. Instead of ICC Governmental Members voting, Residential and Commercial Consensus Committees develop the content for inclusion in the 2024 IECC. These committees, which include industry experts and code officials from different sectors who follow ANSI development procedures and others outlined by the ICC, take into account proposals received in an open call for 2024 IECC proposals.

Public Comment Period

There will be two public comment periods after drafts of the 2024 IECC for Residential and Commercial are published in the fall of 2022. The first draft of the IECC 2024 Commercial was open for public comment until October 21, and the first draft of the IECC 2024 Residential is open for public comment through December 16. A second draft of both the residential and commercial codes will become available in early 2023 for the second public comment period. Finally, we are expecting a June 2023 adoption of the 2024 IECC

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Here are some links with more information and ways to get involved:

NEEP’s Summary of the Commercial Draft of the 2024 IECC

NEEP's Summary of the Residential Draft of the 2024 IECC

NEEP 2024 IECC Stakeholder Meeting (slides) (recording - password: .L5d^cu4)

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