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Setting the Table for Building Decarbonization ( )

Decarbonizing buildings is essential to achieving broader climate goals, which demand rapid progress toward economy-wide decarbonization. Getting there will require thoughtful policy approaches, as building decarbonization involves actions by thousands of individual building owners, as well as… Read more

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Emerging Heat Pump Technologies ( )

Efficient electrification of homes and buildings has made progress in recent years through the adoption of heat pump technologies for space and water heating applications. However, other HVAC and hot water system applications in both the residential and commercial sectors still need readily… Read more

NEEP in the News

Advancing Zero Energy Schools ( )

The purpose of the Advancing Zero Energy Schools: Trends & Considerations for State School Construction Programs report is to provide guidance to  entities that are involved in the development or administration of statewide school construction and renovation programs. The report… Read more

EM&V Forum

Regional End Use Load Profile Data Inventory and Needs Assessment ( )

This report provides a summary assessment of end use load profile (EULP) data currently available in Massachusetts, New York, and the Northeast region and identifies regional needs for EULP data in order to guide recommendations for future priority EULP research. As background, EULPs quantify how… Read more

High Efficiency Products

Informing the Evolution of HVAC Refrigerants ( )

Over the past several years, many Northeast states have begun implementing measures to transition the electric grid to clean energy and increase the adoption of technologies that use electricity as a source of energy. This has fueled rapid growth of the heat pump market in the region. More recently… Read more

Energy Efficient Buildings

Emerging Codes and Standards for Grid-Interactive Buildings ( )

As various geographic regions across the nation move towards decarbonization technologies and solutions, there is a growing recognition that "connected" or grid-interactive equipment in buildings is a critical component of decarbonization strategies. Homes and buildings are becoming increasingly… Read more

High Performance Buildings

Decarbonizing Public Sector Buildings ( )

This report is an update to a 2012 report entitled Greening the Public Sector, Maximizing Energy Efficiency. The original report provided recommendations and exemplars for how public sector buildings could achieve higher levels of energy efficiency. Some of the recommendations that remain relevant… Read more

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Energy Efficient Buildings

MA Zero Energy Schools Toolkit ( )

A school building is a centerpiece of a community where learning, work, and other important gatherings occur. The purpose of this toolkit is to help communities create learning environments that are healthy, productive, and energy efficient. Understanding that designing and constructing a new… Read more

NEEP GEBs Report_Final-1_cover.jpg
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Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEBs) Tri-Region Status Report ( )

The energy industry in the United States is rapidly evolving – the installation of smaller generation plants is becoming a trend, renewable energy generation is expanding, coal-generated electric plants are being retired, and modern interconnected and energy-efficient technologies are being… Read more

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