Welcome to NEEP’s 2022 Regional Roundup. The Regional Roundup is an energy efficiency policy snapshot for states across the NEEP region. It includes energy efficiency metrics, equity initiatives, climate plans, workforce initiatives, electrification, codes and appliance standards, labeling and benchmarking, and performance standards. The Regional Roundup provides a comparative view of energy efficiency policies and programs across the region and can be used to compare and contrast state approaches to building decarbonization.


Click on the links below to see a snapshot of each state’s energy efficiency policies.




Connecticut Roundup 2022


Delaware Roundup 2022


Maine Roundup 2022



Maryland Roundup 2022



Massachusetts Roundup 2022


New Hampshire Roundup 2022


New Jersey Roundup 2022



New York Roundup 2022


Pennsylvania Roundup 2022




Rhode Island Roundup 2022


Vermont Roundup 2022




Washington, DC Roundup 2022

West Virginia Roundup 2022

Click here to see the full Northeast Regional Roundup


The Roundup provides an overview of six policy areas that accelerate decarbonization:

  • Energy Efficiency Metrics: Energy efficiency programs can help achieve state climate and equity goals because they lower emissions from the building sector and, therefore, the energy sector. The Regional Roundup includes targets, performance incentives, and inputs for the cost benefit analysis as important metrics.
  • Equity Initiatives: Because of various deep, historical barriers in our social and energy systems, many decarbonization policies, programs, and products are not adequately serving those most in need of energy and cost savings. The Regional Roundup highlights steps that states in our region have taken to center equity in energy efficiency programs and statewide.
  • State Climate Plans: Climate plans outline state decarbonization goals and identify paths to achieve them. These plans can help drive a cohesive energy strategy across various sectors and guide legislators and regulators as they create environmental, energy, and housing policies. The Regional Roundup includes information about each state’s current climate plan and goals.
  • Workforce Initiatives: There is a growing demand for all kinds of new clean energy workers, including contractors to accelerate heat pump adoption, home auditors who understand stacked efficiency and electrification opportunities, building operators, code officials, and design professionals. The Regional Roundup provides an overview of workforce programs and policies that states have enacted to grow the building decarbonization workforce.
  • Strategic Electrification Initiatives: Strategic electrification means powering end uses with electricity instead of fossil fuels in a way that increases energy efficiency, reduces pollution, and lowers costs to customers and society. The Regional Roundup provides an overview of strategic electrification initiatives that are assisting in a just energy transition.
  • Programs that Further Building Decarbonization: The Regional Roundup provides a snapshot of other programs that work together to accelerate building decarbonization in a state, including codes and appliances standards, residential home energy labeling, benchmarking, and building performance standards.


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