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On behalf of energy efficiency stakeholders, NEEP is pleased to be housing the Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump (ccASHP) Specification (now on V3.1) and Product List. Background on the development of the ccASHP specification and details on listing products are below:


Clean Energy and energy efficiency stakeholders from the region lack confidence that the existing heating performance metric (HSPF) for air source heat pumps provides the necessary information to adequately characterize heating performance across the heating season, particularly at low temperatures. In addition, supplemental information provided by manufacturers to demonstrate performance in cold temperatures is not standardized or consistent. The current performance metric (HSPF) does not include low temperature testing points below 17°F, assumes the use of electric resistance elements, and tests in steady-state operation (as opposed to allowing modulation). These deficiencies add up to measurements that do not accurately reflect performance of the latest generation of air source heat pumps.

In order to address stakeholder concerns about these deficiencies, a group of interested stakeholders - working together as part of the Heating Electrification Initiative (facilitated by NEEP) - developed the specification to better characterize heat pump performance (now on V3.1). Initiative participants include energy efficiency program administrators, heat pump installers, state energy office staff, and technology experts. 

The specification was designed to identify air source heat pumps that are best suited to heat efficiently in cold climates (IECC climate zone 4 and higher). It is intended as a model equipment specification to be used broadly by clean energy and energy efficiency program administrators in cold climates as a minimum requirement for program qualification. It is also intended for engineers, contractors, and other practitioners who need assurance that the equipment they select will have the required heating capacity at design temperature without unnecessary oversizing, and will serve the load efficiently throughout the ambient temperature range. More details on the process taken to arrive at the V3.0 specification are in the V3.0 Specification Memo.

Why List Products On NEEP's ccASHP Product List

Over two-dozen manufacturers of leading high-performing cold climate ASHPs have chosen to list their products on NEEP's list. These products not only demonstrate their ability to perform in colder temperatures, but also help support a broader market transformation initiative. For a manufacturer, listing your products will increase not only the visibility of your high performance products, but also the ease of access to regional and national program incentives. Programs throughout the region and beyond are referencing the NEEP ccASHP product list for their incentives. See program summary for details (updated July 2021).

In 2019, NEEP published an updated ccASHP product list based on ccASHP specification V3.1. NEEP also moved from an excel-based list to an enhanced database that provides a more consumer friendly format to easily access the available product information. In addition to making it easier for customers to find ccASHPs, the new website streamlines the manufacturer listing process as well. 

2020-2021 Database & Manufacturer Listing Process

In addition to providing product applications via an Excel-based form, manufacturers can provide their application information through an online portal. Starting in 2019, NEEP will charge an annual manufacturer product listing fee for products to be listed on this multifunctional ccASHP product list. Annual fees will have to be up-to-date for a product to be listed in the enhanced database. Throughout the year, manufacturers can use the portal to update or join the product list. Each November, manufacturers will be asked to renew their listing fee.

To learn about the listing processlisten to the recording of our public webinar. Slides are also available here.


 For manufacturers listing 1-10 products on the NEEP List in the calendar year


 For manufacturers listing 11-50 products on the NEEP List in the calendar year


 For manufacturers listing more than 50 products on the NEEP list in the calendar year

*Manufacturers who provide any level of listing fees are provided a $2,000 one-time credit to use towards any other NEEP fees including Initiative subscriptionAllies program, or event sponsorship

Manufacturers will use the new portal to submit all new products. If in listing additional products, a manufacturer’s total number of listed products reaches a new product threshold, they will be required to pay the new balance (e.g. if a manufacturer lists eight products on April 1st and makes payment for $5,000 (1-10 product category), and then later in the year adds five new products for a new total of 13 listed products, they would be required to make a new payment of $2,500 because they now fall in the 11-50 product category)

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Rebate Programs leveraging the ccASHP List in NEEP's region:

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