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Welcome to NEEP’s Heating Electrification Initiative. Space and water heating make up over 90 percent of all direct carbon emission from homes and buildings in the region. Heat pump technologies, including cold climate air source heat pumps (ccASHPs) and ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) offer households and businesses important solutions to reduce and eliminate these emissions. Since 2013, NEEP's regional initiative has been focused on driving collaboration to ensure long term market transformation of these technologies. Guiding the initiative's work are two NEEP reports that were created with extensive input from a group of stakeholders: The Northeast/Mid-Atlantic Air-Source Heat Pump Market Strategies Report and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Market Strategies Report.

Our important collaborative work has helped to grow significant regional adoption of ASHPs.

NYSERDA data. Provided by D+R International.




By 2030:




of Northeast homes use high performance ASHPs for heating. of Northeast homes are “energy smart” with at least two “energy smart” systems (HVAC, water heating, plug loads) of Northeast homes with high performance ASHPs are retrofitted to improve thermal efficiency performance.


More details on NEEP's 2023 work in this space can be found in the Project Brief Here.


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