Jazelle Morriss


Project Coordinator, Operations
Financial and Administrative Services

Jazelle joined NEEP in 2023 as the Project Coordinator, Operations where her duties include engagement in all of NEEP’s program work, managing cross-organization coordination and supporting projects so that they are started, executed, and completed successfully. 

Jazelle is known for her work and volunteer efforts in community engagement and project development for non-profit organizations. These often include artistic collaborations and mental health programs servicing inner-city youth, families, and women in need of basic necessities or emotional support.

In addition to performing professionally for over 18 years, Jazelle is proud to have supported companies and non-profit organizations with project assistance and administrative support for 10 years (and counting).  

Jazelle holds a BA in Psychology from Wheaton College and is currently completing her MA in Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley University. She is an Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy Fellow and a member of both Actor’s Equity and the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association (IEATA).  


Q: Name one thing you cannot live without.

A: Music – whether listening to it, singing at the top of my lungs (audience is optional, lol), or humming throughout my day; music is part of the fabric of my life. 

Q: What book is currently on your nightstand? 

A: Infinity Gate by M. R. Carey, a science fiction novel, although self-help books can often be found there, too. 

Q: What’s something about you that would surprise us? 

A: I come from a very large family – my paternal grandparents had 23 children! 

Speaking Information

Mental Health, Creative Healing, Women's Health & Development, Performing Arts, Public Speaking, Project Management, Artistic Collaboration

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