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Advancing Zero Energy Schools

The purpose of the Advancing Zero Energy Schools: Trends & Considerations for State School Construction Programs report is to provide guidance to  entities that are involved in the development or administration of statewide school construction and renovation programs. The report…

MA Zero Energy Schools Toolkit

A school building is a centerpiece of a community where learning, work, and other important gatherings occur. The purpose of this toolkit is to help communities create learning environments that are healthy, productive, and energy efficient. Understanding that designing and constructing a new…

Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools Criteria (NE-CHPS) Version 3.2

The Northeast CHPS Verified Program (NE-CHPS) has been designed to provide guidance and verification for new school projects, renovations, and new schools on existing campuses to achieve high performance goals. 

Northeast Collaborative for High Performance Schools Protocol - New Construction & Major Renovations

The purpose of Northeast-CHPS is to encourage the construction of schools that provide premium educational environments while providing important benefits for students, educators, administrators, and the public. High performance schools provide high quality learning environments, conserve…

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