Smart Energy Homes and Buildings Session Descriptions

Thursday, August 19 

Session One: Entering a New Decade of Smart Homes and Buildings

60 min Panel Discussion

Today’s electric grid is evolving to keep up with growing peak electricity demand, increased renewable electricity generation, and degradation of transmission and distribution infrastructure. While this is happening, the relationships between utilities, regulators, and customers are also changing. During this session, panelists will discuss the key drivers for these changing relationships and how grid management is transforming to keep pace with current technologies, regulations, and strategies that make homes and buildings smarter and more flexible.

Session Two: Smart Energy Home and Building Optimization

60 min Panel Discussion

Smart homes and buildings have the potential to achieve optimal energy consumption by dynamically shaping and optimizing their energy loads to benefit building owners and occupants, while also promoting resilience, environmental responsibility, reliability and affordability. This panel will discuss how smart energy homes and buildings utilize analytics and controls to optimize energy use for grid services, occupant comfort, and cost reductions in a continuous and integrated way.

Session Three: Short Takes - Opportunities for Smart Energy Homes and Buildings

40 mins Presentations

Smart, new technologies are connecting homes and buildings and their occupants in ways that generate new and exciting opportunities. This session features two discussions about how smart energy homes and buildings are being leveraged to transform low-income communities and improve indoor air quality.

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