Advanced Measurement & Verification (M&V) Brief: An Evolving Industry

This brief seeks to provide an inventory and overview of advanced M&V vendors—companies and software tools—currently on the market. It also presents case studies of specific projects from several applications that have used advanced M&V tools for a variety of end goals, from evaluating impact to operational efficiencies and businesses reducing their energy costs. The information in this brief and associated vendor table was obtained by a collection of web searches, correspondences with vendors, and telephone interviews. This information is intended to provide insight into the often-invisible world of advanced M&V by providing key information on vendors as well as diving into some real-world applications. There are many companies working to design advanced M&V solutions; it is NEEP’s intention that this information can help utilities, evaluators, and the greater efficiency community to make more informed decisions around selection of advanced M&V vendors and the range of potential services that could be provided.

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