With more than half a century of experience, Aptar is a leader in the global dispensing systems industry. A unique customer and shareholder focused company, Aptar has more than 12,000 employees in 20 countries. Its Stratford, CT facility focuses mainly on packaging beauty and home products, and employs approximately 250 people.

To demonstrate its already-deep commitment to energy efficiency, Aptar has created a far-reaching policy called Vision 2030. As part of the policy, Aptar promises to incorporate environmental sustainability into its business decisions, monitor emerging environmental trends, and engage with key stakeholders—inside and outside the company—for continuous improvement.  

In addition to rallying employees and stakeholders around the concepts of sustainability and safety, Aptar also “walked the walk” by embarking on several major energy savings projects since 2013. They include:

  • Construction of a new warehouse addition that incorporated several energy-saving items, including new rooftop air conditioning units, lighting, and occupancy sensors, as well as a high-efficiency furnace.
  • Substantial interior and exterior LED changeovers, replacing a variety of older lighting fixtures with more efficient LED technology.
  • Replacing several roof-top and interior HVAC units with more efficient models. The roof-top units are part of a new pilot Energy Management System (EMS) program that is modular and wireless, providing real-time information on energy consumption, savings, and maintenance issues.
  • Surveying Aptar’s entire compressed air system and fixing energy-wasting air leaks.

All totaled, these projects save Aptar-Stratford more than 900,000 kWh each year, with an annual cost savings of nearly $121,000.

Aptar’s close partnership with The United Illuminating Company (UI) through the Energize Connecticut initiative has made these and many other efficiency projects possible. Thanks to the technical assistance and incentives that UI has provided since 2010, Aptar has significantly reduced its carbon footprint—and reached ROI targets that qualify the company for additional efficiency project funds. Future projects include additional lighting upgrades, adding seven more HVAC units to the EMS, placing precision air nozzles on air conveyance machines, and retrofitting assembly machines with automatic shut-offs when they’re not operational.

Aptar’s energy efficiency success has earned high praise throughout Connecticut. For 12 years in a row, the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has recognized Aptar among the state’s individuals and businesses that go above and beyond in efforts to protect the environment and its natural resources. Aptar was also honored with an Efficiency Leadership Award for its success with the 2013 warehouse addition. As an active member of the Energize Connecticut’s Building Sustainability Challenge, Aptar continually shares its efficiency improvements and best practices with other state manufacturers.

While packaging items that help us care for our homes and ourselves, Aptar-Stratford continues caring deeply for the most important “package” of all—the planet we all call home.  

Annual Energy Savings (kwh/yr): 751,506
Total Savings ($): 100,042
Total Project Cost ($): 395,230
Incentive Dollars ($): 205,707
Customer Cost ($): 294,007
Simple Payback (yrs): 2.9

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