A Changing Landscape: The 2015 Regional Roundup of Energy Efficiency Policy

This report represents NEEP’s annual assessment of the major policy developments of the last year, as well as our look into the immediate future, where we gauge states’ progress toward capturing cost-effective energy efficiency as a first-order resource. While looking at the region as a whole, we also provide summary and analysis of some of the biggest building energy efficiency successes and setbacks from Maine to Maryland — including significant energy efficiency legislation and regulations and changes in funding levels for energy efficiency programs.
The Roundup is intended to give policymakers, regulators, efficiency advocates, program administrators and other stakeholders a comparative view of the progress of energy efficiency policies and programs across the region. Along with state-level highlights, the report examines regional trends and shared challenges in harnessing the potential of energy efficiency to meet today’s pressing energy and environmental challenges — controlling energy costs, improving system reliability, modernizing the electric grid, strengthening the economy, growing jobs, improving public health and curbing emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
As we enter 2015, we are witnessing an energy policy landscape of many changes, with more undoubtedly to unfold throughout the year. The November 2014 elections brought us new governors in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maryland, as well as new legislative makeups across the region. There will also be new public utility commissioners in several states, as well as leadership changes on key legislative committees. And in Delaware, we await the coming of ratepayer-funded statewide efficiency programs, thanks to landmark legislation passed this year, which will finally bring that state into line with the other 10 Northeast states and the District of Columbia.

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