Commercial Refrigeration Loadshape Report 10-2015

This study determined the hourly energy and demand impacts of three common commercial refrigeration retrofit measures commonly installed through energy efficiency programs in New England, New York and the midAtlantic: Electronically commutated motors (ECMs) on evaporator fans in coolers and freezers; Evaporator fan controls; and Anti-sweat door heater controls These measures reliably produce energy and demand savings in commercial programs, yet little or no evaluations using empirical evidence exists outside of this study.  It included a variety of manufacturers, products and types of technologies.  The report provides impacts for each measure type, including ISO-NE summer and winter and PJM summer demand savings, as well as impact parameters that can be used to update Technical Reference Manuals.

**The PDF version of the final report has equation formatting problems due to the upload. Until the issue that corrupts some of the equation formatting is resolved, please refer to the word version below, in which all equations are intact.**


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