This tracker shows small to mid-sized towns and cities across the Northeast U.S. that are committed to climate action. Every place listed here has a formal, specific greenhouse gas emissions or energy use reduction goal and a deadline. Some of the most common are 80 percent reductions by 2050 or net zero emissions by 2050.

This tracker is a living document -- we are continuing to add towns and cities as we find their commitments and as new ones are made. If you work with or for a local government, or live in a town that has a goal that isn’t on this map, please add it here.

We are really excited about these smaller governments making big commitments, and we want to not only show where these goals exist, but also to connect people, build relationships with local climate champions, and support our region in achieving its goals.

For state context we have also added state-wide goals, so clicking on the blue anywhere in the region that doesn't have a yellow dot will bring up information about that state's commitments. 

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