Massachusetts Achieving Zero Energy (MAZE)

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Project Background

The MAZE project seeks to rapidly advance zero energy building development in the state of Massachusetts. While the state has been a national leader in energy efficiency, additional work on code advancements and building types (schools) could provide leadership in paving the way to achieve zero energy buildings. Through collaboration between state agencies, communities, and other key partners, this project seeks to engage stakeholders and overcome market barriers to achieve our collective zero energy goals.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its communities implement zero energy codes and build zero energy schools to propel greater levels of energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions for all buildings.


Zero Energy Codes

Building energy codes ensure a minimum energy efficiency standard for new building construction and major building renovations. Codes provide a mechanism for states and municipalities to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. They also improve building durability, resiliency, and enhance the health and safety of indoor environments.

Advanced performance-based codes, stretch codes, and green high-performance codes deliver additional energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions. Zero energy codes require buildings to maximize efficiency and utilize only renewably produced energy.

Energy codes are the key component in zero-energy carbon-neutral buildings that will ensure Massachusetts continues to be an energy efficiency leader within the region and beyond.


Zero Energy Schools 

Schools are the center of communities and, as such, are in an ideal position to play a leading role in showcasing the benefits and impacts of zero energy construction. New schools are already required to build 10 percent above current energy base code regulations. Therefore, not only are they already serving as leaders but there is also a framework in place to advance their resiliency and efficiency. Their success will help drive the zero energy conversation forward in the state.


Past Events

Webinar: Zero to 101 Climate Zoning (MAPC/NEEP)

Webinar: Getting the $ and People On-board with a Zero Energy School

Webinar: Zero Energy Schools Exemplar and Toolkit


Thanks to our project sponsor, The Barr Foundation, for supporting our shared vision to advance zero energy codes and schools in Massachusetts. 

Please check this page periodically for project updates and new resources.

Interested in learning more or getting involved in the project? Please contact Kai Palmer Dunning.



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