EM&V Forum and Policy Brief: State Leadership Driving Non-Wires Alternative Projects and Policies

NEEP's January 2017 brief on State Leadership on Non-Wires Alternative Projects and Policies provides an update on the projects captured in NEEP's January 2015 report examining energy efficiency's role as a transmission and distribution resource. The brief highlights non-wires alternative project solicitations since the report, and provides insight into the related policy proceedings in the NEEP region.

What you will find most interesting: 

  • There are now more than 30 non-wires alternative projects at some stage of deployment throughout the region
  • Public utility commissions are beginning to mandate non-wires alternatives as part of system planning.
  • States are beginning to examine localized distribution system values in cost-effectiveness screening.
  • Leading states are embracing energy efficiency, demand response, and distributed generation in a combined portfolio of non-wires alternative projects
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