Connecticut Geothermal Workforce Solutions Workshops: Drilling

CT Geothermal Workforce Solutions_Drilling_May22
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NEEP, in partnership with the CT Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP), is hosting a Geothermal Workforce Solutions workshop series to discuss findings from the CT Geothermal Workforce Needs Assessment and potential solutions to the existing barriers and bottlenecks for geothermal workforce development.  

This workshop will focus on geothermal drilling, as it is often a bottleneck and can represent most of the total cost for a geothermal heating and cooling project. Discussion topics will include geothermal driller trainings; strategies for bringing existing well water, oil, or natural gas drillers into the geothermal industry; equipment shortages; and more. The discussion will focus on the state of Connecticut, but participants from outside of CT are welcome to join the discussion. 


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