Ready, Set, Scale. A NEEP Webinar Series

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Ready, Set, Scale. A NEEP Series.

Demystifying Mid-Stream HPWH Programs

December 14 | 11 AM EST

Water heating represents the second largest energy user in homes and buildings after space conditioning. Heat pump water heaters (HPWHs) offer a proven solution to dramatically reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Yet, many states in New England and the Mid-Atlantic are still figuring out how to grow this market. Join us to learn about how to achieve successful HPWH adoption through mid-stream programs. This webinar will demystify mid-stream HPWH programs through identifying best practices to enhance mid-stream opportunities and exploring how these programs can touch different market actors to unlock new opportunities.


  • Deepti Dutt, Technology Market Transformation Manager, NEEP


  • Helen Davis, Senior Project Manager, Energy Solutions
  • George Chapman, National Codes and Standards Director, Energy Solutions
  • Howard Merson, Senior Fellow of Trade Ally Strategy and Management, Energy Solutions


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