Using NEEP’s ccASHP Sizing Tools: Product Tutorial

ccASHP Sizing Tools Tutorial
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Building on our roundtable discussion exploring why sizing matters and what programs are doing about it, in this webinar we will dive into sizing solutions for cold climates. How can contractors find the right heat pump for their customers to balance heating, cooling, and humidity control needs? What should they be looking for and where should they be looking? NEEP’s improved sizing tools can be the starting point.

The cold climate heat pump sizing support tools that function within the NEEP ccASHP Product List website leverages extended performance data to help users select products that are sized to best match peak and annual heating needs of a home or heating zone (aka for maximum comfort and energy savings). Join us to learn how to use the tool and -- if you already use it --about new features like “Compare Products View,” “Multi-Product System View,” and Product Cooling Visualization. 


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