2011 Northeast Residential Lighting Workshop - Strategies & Solutions for Achieving Savings


Warwick, RI -
United States

Event Date

Northeast Residential Lighting Workshop - Key Take-Aways

Purpose: To accelerate high efficiency residential lighting solutions in the Northeast US
  • Provide overview of the potential impacts of the 2012-2014 Federal EISA standards
  • Receive stakeholder input to shape development of a Regional Residential Lighting Strategy
  • Identify the most promising high efficiency lighting products and processes to speed their market adoption over the next five years
  • Discuss leading ideas to address measurement and evaluation issues for ratepayer-funded efficiency programs
  • Reviewcurrent practices to educate consumers to select quality, super-efficient lighting products
Presentation and Q&A Session:
The Status of Residential Lighting in the Northeast and Elements of a Regional Strategy to Maintain Large Energy Savings from High Efficiency Lighting Products
  • Moderator - Linda Malik, NEEP
  • Presenter - Glenn Reed, Energy Futures Group
Panel and Audience Discussion:
EISA Standards, FTC Labeling and Other Influences on Lighting Products of Future and Market Strategies for the Northeast US
  • Moderator - Glenn Reed, Energy Futures Group
  • Product Opportunities and Market Solutions- Steve Bickel, D&R International
  • Winning Program Strategies - Joe Swift, Northeast Utilities
  • Moving Markets in the Northeast - Rick Mahoney, OSRAM SYLVANIA
Panel and Audience Discussion:
Regulatory Challenges - Measurement and Cost-Effectiveness of Lighting Products
  • Moderator- Elizabeth Titus, NEEP
  • Framing the Northeast Challenge - Carol White, National Grid
  • A Regulator's Dilemma - Bill Saxonis, New York State Department of Public Service
  • Evaluation Perspective - Lynn Hoefgen, NMR Group, Inc.
  • Potential Solutions? - Glenn Reed, Energy Futures Group
Panel and Audience Discussion:
Consumer Education and Outreach
How do we prepare the consumer for the lighting transition?
  • Moderator - Monique O'Grady, Alliance to Save Energy
  • Program Administrator Perspective -Sharon Bay, Efficiency Vermont
  • Industry Perspective - Ron Runckles, NEMA
  • Consumer Perspective - Jamie Lalos, Cadmus Group
The Take-Aways: What We Learned & Implications - Near-Term and Longer-Term
  • Linda Malik, NEEP


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