2015 Air Source Heat Pump Workshop


Marriott Courtyard Boston North
700 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801
United States

Event Date



Join NEEP on October 6-7 for a day and a half interactive workshop pulling together a broad range of stakeholders to explore the most up-to-date lessons being learned from across the region when it comes to the residential Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) market.  Day 1 will be the main structured workshop with expert panelists, small group discussions, and close with an educational “field trip”. Day 2 will be optional and largely comprised of informal breakout meeting opportunities for stakeholders to sit down with other colleagues and market actors to discuss more detailed issues.  Program administrators, industry actors, policymakers, technology experts and evaluators will gather to discuss a number of important issues related to the expanded use of ASHPs.

Workshop Agenda


Program for Day 1

8:30am Continental Breakfast
9:30am  Welcome and Introduction

Lessons Learned from the Installation and O&M Practices 

Panel will share best practices with respect to installation techniques, use of controls, consumer O&M, sizing best practices, and their impact on systems performance.

  • Marc Rosenbaum, South Mountain Builders
  • Bruce Harley, CLEAResult
10:45am Break

Lessons Learned from In-Field Performance Research

New in-field performance research, from around the region, will be presented.

  • Bruce Ledgerwood, Action for Boston Community Development
  • Robb Aldrich, Steven Winters Associates

Lessons Learned from Energy Efficiency Program Administration 

Hear insights regarding consumer outreach, marketing, promotions and more.

  • Peter McPhee, Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
12:30pm Lunch

Is it Appropriate for Electric Effiency Programs to Promote Cold Climate ASHPs?

In this discussion, considerations for program planners and evaluators are made as they consider ccASHP programs. Small group discussions to follow.

  • Peter Klint, Eversource
  • Jamie Howland, Acadia Center
2:15pm Break

Is the Cold Climate ASHP Specification and Effective Tool?

Facilitated group discussions in which we discuss strengths, weaknesses, and potential revisions to NEEP's ccASHP specification. 

  • Dave Lis, NEEP
3:20pm Wrap and Adjourn



Program for Day 2

8am Continental Breakfast
9am  Welcome and Introduction

Manufacturer Round Robin

Manufacturers will present briefly on their current and future market activities and have a chance to discuss partnership opportunities with stakeholders.

11 - 11:30am

Breakout Session #1

Stakeholders will have a chance to meet directly with fellow participants. NEEP will be coordinating breakout space. 

11:30 - 12pm

Breakout Session #2

Stakeholders will have a chance to meet directly with fellow participants. NEEP will be coordinating breakout space. 

12pm Wrap and Adjourn






















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