2017 Northeast Strategic Energy Management Collaborative Workshop


Natural Resources Defense Council
40 West 20th Street - 9th Floor
New York City, NY 10011
United States

Event Date

This collaborative workshop is co-organized with Efficiency Vermont.
Strategic Energy Management (SEM) offers a potential pathway to new energy savings opportunities for energy efficiency programs in the commercial and industrial sectors. The Northeast SEM Collaborative Workshop aims to provide insight into this opportunity and address important questions regarding incorporation of SEM offerings into energy efficiency programs. All the presentations for this workshop are below in the agenda.
Meeting notes are available here. For additional questions, please reach out to Dave Lis, djlis@neep.org
To dig more into the topic of M&V of Industrial SEM, you can also read NEEP's report "EM&V Best Practices & Recommendations for Industrial SEM Programs".




Welcome and Introduction

Introduction from the host NRDC

  • Vignesh Gowrishankar, NRDC

SEM highlights from ACEEE’s Industrial Summer Study Conference

  • Dave Lis, NEEP
  • Greg Baker, Efficiency Vermont

NYSERDA’s early SEM experience

  • Katie Dooley, NYSERDA
  • Todd Baldyga, NYSERDA


Insights from California’s ongoing process to develop SEM program

What insights can the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic learn from California’s process to stand up a state-wide SEM Program offering?

  • Peter Therkelsen, LBNL

A couple of guides from Sergio Dias Consulting about California Industrial SEM:



Presentation by David Goldstein, NRDC

Realizing the Immense Potential of SEM to meet Climate (and job creation) Goals


Energy Management Assessment Tool

An overview of an SEM Energy Management Assessment tool and how it could be applied and benefit stakeholder in the Northeast/Mid-Atlantic.

  • Stuart Moulder, EnVinta


SEM from a program evaluator perspective

The ability to accurately measure and attribute energy savings from Program implementation of SEM has been a challenge due to the complex nature of savings from SEM. A program evaluator will share their experience and answer questions.

  • Jim Stewart, Cadmus


How to leverage DOE’s latest SEM Tool: 50001 Ready Program

DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office will provide an overview of their latest SEM tool and discuss opportunities for various stakeholders to implement effectively.


opportunities to deploy SEm for water/wastewater

A sneak peek at NEEP’s report assessing opportunities to deploy SEM in Water/Wastewater facilities across the region.

  • John Balfe, NEEP





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