2018 Northeast Regional R&D Connector Workshop

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NYSERDA Offices - Parker D. Mathusa Boardroom
17 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203
United States

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The Northeast Regional Research and Development (R&D) Connector explores opportunities to drive greater awareness and eventual collaboration among R&D organizations in the Northeast region that aim to bring advanced energy efficiency technologies to market. In so doing, the regional connector will clarify current regional capacities and initiatives for new and emerging advanced efficiency solutions, and ultimately recommend an ongoing framework to leverage national and regional R&D to achieve new promising solutions.
To support this project, NEEP hosted a Northeast Regional R&D Connector workshop. This event brought together energy efficiency technology researchers and funders in the Northeast region to discuss frameworks for working more collaboratively, both within the region and with national efforts. The following themes were highlighted at the workshop:
1.     State policy requirements for new and emerging advanced energy efficiency solutions in the residential and commercial sectors
2.     Research efforts that can potentially serve as solutions for the region to achieve savings in energy use, peak demand and carbon emissions
3.     Funders of the aforementioned research efforts
4.     Classification of research efforts in terms of their sector applicability, stage of development and readiness for commercialization
You can now access the different presentations that were shared by our speakers during the workshop here: 



Welcome and Introductions

Presentation of objectives and participants

  • Dave Lis, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
  • Giselle Procaccianti, Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships
  • Cheryn Metzger, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Current State of Energy Efficiency R&D – Funder Perspective

What technology areas/sectors is your organization focused on?

How do you prioritize funding?

How do you select winning proposals?

  • Bryan Berry, New York State Energy Research and Development
  • Joseph Borowiec, New York State Energy Research and Development
  • Mary Hubbard, U.S. Department of Energy

current state of collaboration across the energy efficiency R&D ecosystem - Researchers Perspective

What technology areas/sectors is your institution focused on? 

How do fund your R&D projects? 

How do you currently collaborate within the region and beyond? 

How the lab-to-market aspect of the R&D process can be improved?

Can collaborations expedite this process in any way?

  • Kurt Roth, Fraunhofer Center
  • Robb Aldrich, Steven Winter Associates
  • Thomas Trabold, Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Nenad Nenadic, Rochester Institute of Technology

Exploring needs and opportunities to drive greater collaboration within the Region and beyond


Feedback and Next Steps


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