2019 Annual Public Meeting: Stellar EM&V


Hotel Providence
139 Mathewson Street
Providence, RI 02903
United States

Event Date

2019 Annual Public Meeting: Stellar EM&V

Tuesday, May 21

8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Stellar is the new awesome. Stellar evaluation, measurement, and verification supports goals, policies, and programs for the energy efficiency industry in our region, and helps carry us into the future. The goal of this gathering is to bring stakeholders together to share examples of current stellar practices and look towards moonshots – ambitious, exploratory and ground breaking projects.

The meeting will open with the big picture – a panel asking about the elements in the EM&V constellation where energy resilience and building decarbonization are part of our future. A second panel will look at two guiding lights – emerging activities related to cost-effectiveness and loadshapes – that help attendees understand building performance and interactions with the grid. After lunch, we put the telescope on Advanced M&V in two areas: a workshop-style panel to share pilots and other activities, and program and evaluation applications of M&V2.0. And wrapping up, we invite challengers to shoot for the stars – are there new tools, new partnerships, barriers still to overcome in launching the full grid integration of energy efficiency? We hope you’ll join us for liftoff!

Draft Early Agenda

Welcome and Introduction

Stellar Start to a Stellar Day

Constellation of the Future: Carbon and Resilience/New Metrics Needed to Chart the Course

  • Why M&V is important in our grid edge environment? Industry and Policy perspectives
  • Evaluating policy as well as programs
  • Meeting Decarbonization Goals in the Northeast
  • Resilience in Northeast
  • Nancy Seidman, Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)
  • Mackay Miller, National Grid
  • Robert Stephenson, VEIC

Guiding Lights: Valuing Energy Efficiency Via Loadshapes and Cost-effectiveness

  • Use Cases for Loadshapes
  • Time and Space: Non-Wires Alternatives Case Study
  • New Evaluation Frameworks: Non-Wires Alternatives Case Study
  • Denis Bergeron, Maine PUC (invited)
  • Elaina Present, NREL
  • Natalie Mims, LBNL
  • Adam Burke, Opinion Dynamics (invited)

Launching Into Space: Advanced M&V for our Region

  • What We Can Learn from Advanced Metering Infrastructure About Impacts and Program Design
  • Baselines
  • M&V 2.0 Pilots
  • Pay for Performance (P4P)
  • Pasi Miettinen, Sagewell
  • Teri Lutz, Michaels Energy
  • Chris Balbach, PSD
  • Greg Dierkers, US DOE (invited)
  • Sam Fernandes, LBNL (invited)

The Future of EM&V: Shooting for the Stars

  • Dynamic Data
  • Utilities and regulator perspectives 
  • Ethan Goldman, OpenEE
  • Greg Thomas, PSD
  • Mark Kravatz, Optimal Energy (invited)
  • Barry Coflan, Schneider Electric (invited)
  • Brian Buckley, NH Office of Consumer Affairs (invited)

Conclusion: Galaxies Galore

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