Advanced M&V: From Pilots to Action

Advanced M&V
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Advanced M&V (also called M&V 2.0) is an emerging solution to the challenges that programs are facing today: rising goals, rising baselines from a transformed lighting market, and more variable savings from whole-building retrofits and the rapidly growing range of “smart” technologies. In addition to more rapidly analyzing data from every project as it is completed, advanced M&V can utilize more granular data, allowing for program insights at a more detailed level. This can lead to increasingly targeted program offerings and other means of improving cost-effectiveness.

NEEP and a group of project partners recently completed a pilot in Connecticut that tested use of advanced M&V to examine impacts from utilities’ residential home energy services and commercial building retrofit programs. This webinar builds on the findings and experiences from the Connecticut pilot study. What next? 

In a fireside chat format, we will hear from members of the Connecticut team and experienced users of advanced M&V and they share some takeaways from the Connecticut pilot and thoughts on future directions and opportunities for advanced M&V in the region and the industry.


  • Eliot Crowe, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory 
  • Ethan Goldman, Resilient Edge 
  • Miles Ingram, Eversource 
  • Mike Li, CT DEEP


A PDF version of the slides is available here. A recording of the webinar is available here







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