CHPS Training: Solutions for Green Schools in Massachusetts

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Maynard High School
1 Tiger Drive
Maynard, MA 01754
United States

Event Date

Event Follow-up Survey and Links to Presentations:

Thank you to all attendees, sponsors and exhibitors for a successful event. We look forward to collaborating on future projects.

Below are the presentations from the event:

  1. NE-CHPS Criteria Overview
  2. Energy Section Overview
  3. We Wish You Had Asked: Facilities Manager Perspective
  4. Moving Toward Zero Waste
  5. Debunking the Cost Myth
  6. Utility Program Incentives
  7. Deep Dive into IEQ
  8. Zero Energy Schools Part One and Part Two
  9. Exemplars and Resources


Event Overview:

Come learn about NE-CHPS Version 3.1, which is now available for use in Massachusetts!

The Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS), Massachusetts Facilities Administrators Association (MFAA) and Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) are hosting a free, CEU-accredited (8 LU's available), high performance schools training workshop on April 21, 2016 at Maynard High School to go over everything you need to know in order to implement NE-CHPS Version 3.1 for your next building project. The Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) recently updated its Sustainable Building Design Guidelines to include NE-CHPS 3.1 as an option for new school construction, major renovations or as a phased approach.

Come join architects, engineers, facility managers, utility program administrators, school administrators and others for an interactive technical workshop on designing high performance schools. CHPS schools help to lower operating costs and improve indoor environmental quality (amongst other benefits). Join us at Maynard High School to learn how your school can get on the pathway to high performance, and to see a CHPS school in-person.

Time Session and Description
8:00-9:00am Continental Breakfast (exhibit area open)


  • Carolyn Sarno Goldthwaite, NEEP/Chair of CHPS Board of Directors
  • ​Ken Wertz, MFAA

CHPS Technical session

  • Stephany Mason, CHPS
  • Ralph DiNola, NBI
10:30-11:00am COFFEE BREAK: Exhibitors and Networking

Lessons Learned: Things to Keep in Mind when Designing your School

The school design process should be a collaborative effort involving all necessary components of the school environment. Often overlooked is the operations and maintenance of the school facility. For this session we will look at design and construction through a different lens; featuring recycling best practices along with maintenance and operations perspectives. 

  • ​Ken Wertz, MFAA
  • Carolyn Dann, MA DEP
  • Arlene Miller, MA DEP
12:00-1:00pm LUNCH (exhibit area open)

Using School Exemplars to Debunk the Myth that High Peformance Schools Cost More

High performance schools don’t have to break the bank – this session will highlight 5 CHPS schools in Massachusetts to prove just that.  

  • Chin Linn, HMFH Architects

Missed Connections: Working with your Local Utility to Fund School Energy Efficiency Projects

Learn how efficiency program incentives can help support your project goals and save you money! 

  • Liyang Wang, Eversource
  • Kathy Arthur, National Grid
1:50-2:00pm BREAK

Maynard High School Tour

For this session, we’ll deviate from the typical conference workshop and explore a NE-CHPS Verified school. Lead by the architects and facility management team, attendees will get an in-depth view of Maynard High School and its high performance features. 

  • Aaron Miklosko, Facilities Manager, Town of Maynard
  • Kyle Brainard, Lead Custodian, Maynard Public Schools
  • Tappe Architects

* Note: When registering, you can choose between Session One or Session Two. Session Two is an abbreviated program that starts with the afternoon school tour.

Time Session and Description

Maynard High School Tour

  • Aaron Miklosko, Facilities Manager, Town of Maynard
  • Kyle Brainard, Lead Custodian, Maynard Public Schools
  • Tappe Architects
3:00-3:15pm COFFEE BREAK: Exhibitors and Networking

CHPS Technical session: Deep Dive into IEQ, Resiliency and Zero Energy Schools

  • Stephany Mason, CHPS
  • Ralph Dinola, NBI
4:15-4:45pm Round Robin: Attendee Discussion on Needs and Best Practices to achieve healthy, High Performance Schools

School Exemplars: Successful Results from the Region

  • John Balfe, NEEP
4:55-5:00pm Closing Remarks


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This training workshop is registered as a National Healthy Schools Day official event to celebrate and promote healthy and green indoor school environments for all children and staff. For more infomarion on National Healthy Schools Day, click the button below. 

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