Protocols for Advanced M&V: Helping You See Clearly

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Protocols for Advanced M&V: Helping You See Clearly

There are various established methods and metrics to help answer burning questions around energy efficiency programs analyzing meter data at the whole building level. This webinar is beneficial for energy program and building analyst stakeholders – implementers, evaluators, policymakers – and will consider how advanced M&V protocols are helping energy efficiency programs keep pace with industry changes. Learn about the following:

• Why is advanced M&V guidance so important and what are some key best practices?

• What new advanced M&V resources are available or coming soon?

• What role do protocols play in deploying advanced M&V in building analytics?

• Where is advanced M&V headed?

The webinar will include guest speakers and have time for Q&A. Hear from Eliot Crowe (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Lia Webster and Kevin Warren (Efficiency Valuation Organization), Carmen Best (Recurve) and Elizabeth Titus (NEEP). Please note that this webinar was recorded.

A PDF version of the slides is available here.

A recording of the webinar is available here. It can be accessed with the password EmgV9vpp.


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