Exploring the Nexus of E-Commerce and Energy Efficiency

In an effort to bring the most relevant and important program designs and techniques to efficiency programs in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, NEEP explored the nexus of e-commerce and energy efficiency. This whitepaper seeks to present industry background, explore key concepts, and provide several examples of current activities in the efficient e-commerce space. In addition to presenting the specific platforms, such as ENERGY STAR website, EFI’s Online Store, TechniArt, Simple Energy, and Enervee, we also present the three distinct program models that rose to the surface through our research. The report concludes with program recommendations, including to: promote appliances and electronics online; have cohesive communication; segment customers; partner with retailers; take advantage of ENERGY STAR’s resources; and keep an open mind on new methods. E-commerce has become commonplace, and efficiency programs in this region must exploit this opportunity; the future success of products programs depends on it.

A webinar on this report took place on January 20, 2016. That webinar recording is available here and the slides can be downloaded here

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