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Husky Injection Molding Systems is one of the world’s largest brand name supplier of injection molding equipment and services to the plastics industry, with a corporate dedication to operating its manufacturing facilities with leading-edge efficiency measures. Its Milton, Vermont facility produces “hot runner” molds for injection molding machines.

Husky’s mission is to find innovative ways of keeping its customers in the lead. Reducing the costs of producing comprehensive lines of plastic injection molding equipment helps Husky remain competitive with companies in regions that have lower overhead costs. Since 2001, Efficiency Vermont has supplied Husky with the tools to make informed decisions, with value-added processes such as cash flow analysis and life-cycle cost information on equipment and building retrofits and upgrades.

Despite steady growth in company sales and operations since 2002, energy use at Husky in 2007 fell below 2005 levels. Some of the efficiency projects Husky has recently undertaken include:

  • HVAC air handler drives and chiller upgrades High efficiency compressed air systems
  • High efficiency motor systems High efficiency high bay lighting
  • Daylighting and use of high efficiency glass to further reduce lighting and HVAC needs
  • Computer monitor replacements and server consolidation
  • Use of quarterly score cards to monitor the progress of their energy conservation efforts
Energy Efficiency for Clean, Lean and Green Growth
Total Annual Energy Savings 2,540,167.5kWh
387.5 KW
15% reduction in electric energy use
Total Annual Cost Savings $190,400
Years of Investment 9 years
Total Project Cost $450,000
Public Rate Payer Funded Efficiency Program Contribution $142,000
Customer Contribution $308,000
Customer Payback Period 1.52 years

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