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Incremental Cost Study Phase 3 Report


May 2014 - The Incremental Cost Study Phase Three Final Report describes the methods and presents Base Cost Factors for each measure studied.  The associated workbooks include raw data, data analysis, and final costs by subregion, as well as measure characterizations and summary tables.  The measures include: Commercial air source heat pump, commercial LED refrigeration case lighting, commercial unitary air conditioning, commercial steam traps at low-medium pressure, and residential heat pump water heaters.  

NEEP ICS 3 Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

NEEP ICS 3 Commercial LED Refrigeration Case Lighting

NEEP ICS 3 Commercial Steam Traps

NEEP ICS 3 Master Summary Workbook

NEEP ICS 3 Residential Heat Pump Water Heater

NEEP ICS 3 Unitary AC Analysis

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