Insights Into BPS in the Northeast Region

Buildings are one of the top emitters of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the Northeast region. As jurisdictions
strive to meet climate goals, they must focus on the energy efficiency of buildings. One key policy tool gaining
prominence in this effort is Building Performance Standards (BPS). These standards are relatively new in
practice and there is no uniform approach for how they are designed or operated. The goal of a BPS is to require
building owners to adhere to specific energy targets that become more stringent over time, playing a critical
role in achieving emissions reductions. Across the country, jurisdictions are implementing BPS to drive changes
in building energy consumption and emissions. This resource highlights BPS examples from the Northeast
region including New York City, Boston and Cambridge, Washington D.C., Montgomery County, Maryland, and
Philadelphia. We illustrate various program designs, emphasize the significance of BPS in the broader context of
building efficiency, and offer insights and best practices for jurisdictions on the path to adopting similar standards.

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