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Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Among Energy Efficiency Organizations That Can Comment on Upcoming EPA Proposed Power Plant Regulations

WHAT: On June 2, 2014, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is scheduled to release a proposal that will contain a suite of options available to states to meet federal requirements to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) from existing power plants. Energy efficiency provisions may be among the options. This proposal originated from President Obama’s request of the EPA, on June 25, 2013, to regulate carbon pollution from existing power plants.

WHO: NEEP, the Regional Energy Efficiency Organization (REEO) serving the Northeast area, is available to discuss EPA’s 111(d) proposal as it relates to energy efficiency. The NEEP team of innovative thinkers is committed to staying at the leading edge of the efficiency movement and we are consistently looking for new and better ways to keep the Northeast region a leader in energy efficiency. The NEEP team of experts can speak to the following topics in relation to the proposed regulations, under which states will be required to develop compliance plans to meet the new federal carbon pollution reduction requirements. Among the energy efficiency options potentially available to states, to which NEEP can speak are:

  • Reducing Energy Use in Buildings: Reducing wasteful energy use in commercial, residential, and multifamily properties through public policies, incentive programs, and building energy codes and rating.
  • Speeding Adoption of High Efficiency Products: Identifying and accelerating the adoption of high-efficiency residential and commercial lighting and consumer products through education, incentive programs and public policies.
  • Advancing Knowledge & Best Practices: Promoting knowledge and the use of best practices that support the expansion and implementation of policies and programs to increase and accelerate energy efficiency.

WHEN: To arrange an interview with one of NEEP’s experts, please contact Public Relations Manager Lisa Cascio at or 781-860-9177 ext. 137.


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