NEEP Announces Staff Promotions

Lexington, MA - Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) announced four recent staff promotions/title changes.

John Balfe, NEEP’s Buildings & Communities Associate since 2015, has been promoted to Buildings & Communities Senior Associate. John helps drive energy efficiency in new and retrofitted schools and public buildings in the region through his work on NEEP’s high performance schools and Community Action Planning for Energy Efficiency (CAPEE) projects. He works with various stakeholders to advance public policy, facilitate information exchange, and transfer knowledge between states and programs.

Samantha Caputo, formerly a Research Associate, has received the new title of Policy & Research Associate to better reflect the entirety of her work. Samantha works in a cross-functional position to support NEEP’s work in public policy, buildings and communities, and market strategies. She tracks and analyzes policy trends in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, advancing knowledge and developing best practices across sectors.

Lisa Cascio, former Public Relations Manager, has been promoted to Public Relations Senior Manager. Since 2013, Lisa has been responsible for designing and implementing a public relations plan that promotes NEEP’s mission and activities across multiple channels. She brings visibility to NEEP’s work to accelerate energy efficiency as a core strategy and essential pathway to a low-carbon future.

Claire Miziolek, NEEP’s Technology & Market Solutions Manager for the last five years, has been promoted to Technology & Market Solutions Senior Manager. Claire develops strategies and recommendations to bring efficient technologies to broader scale and, ultimately, decrease the amount of energy homes and businesses use. Her work currently spans the following projects: home energy management systems, state and federal appliance efficiency.

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