Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy: 2012 - 2013 Update

NEEP’s initial Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy (RLS) was published in March of 2012. However, the findings and recommendations in that report reflect technology evolution and efficiency program administrator (PA)plans and current implementation strategies as of early fall 2011. To inform program plans for 2013, this document provides a necessary update of the residential lighting landscape in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (New England, New York, and Washington, D.C.) and highlights changes that have occurred since the fall of last year. In response to those changes, we have updated our projected savings assumptions with minor modifications to the overall recommended regional strategy to maximize cost-effective savings available from high efficiency residential lighting products through 2020.

The continued goal of the RLS is to provide timely information to PAs, regulators and others to inform lighting program planning for 2012 and beyond. The original RLS is a comprehensive document that still provides pertinent and useful information exclusive of the changes noted within this RLS Update, which is designed to supplement—not replace—the original strategy. To guide states, PAs and other stakeholders in their implementation of RLS recommendations the Update provides new and updated information, including a review of relevant program efforts across the region.

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