Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy: 2013 - 2014 Update

Welcome to the second update to the Northeast Residential Strategy. In 2013, while thinking about the Residential Lighting needs for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic we realized that the market for efficient residential lighting had changed dramatically since the release of the 2012-2013 Update, and had changed tremendously since the original RLS which was based on data from 2011. With these major developments, especially with regards to the viability of LED products in the residential market, we determined that a 2013-2014 Update was necessary for the Northeast to achieve continued success in transforming the efficient lighting market. This report is meant to complement and enhance the previous iterations, not replace them.

This report is intended to provide direction and support for energy efficiency program administrators (PAs), provide insight to regulators and evaluators, and be a planning tool for policymakers. Additionally, this document is intended to push this region to reach the full potential of residential lighting efficiency and is informed by regional stakeholders, NEEP Staff, and analysis from Optimal Energy and Energy Futures Group.

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