Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy: 2014 - 2015 Update

The Northeast Residential Lighting Strategy (RLS) is once again being updated to provide the most relevant and timely information regarding the efficient residential lighting market. This is the fourth document in the suite of RLS reports and works to answer some of the most critical questions in residential lighting today. This report provides narrative updates on relevant activities in the Northeast Mid-Atlantic States, summaries of completed and ongoing research and evaluations, and updated projections for regional program savings, bulbs moving through programs, and spending. This report also contains original research focused on issues identified as critical to understanding the lighting market by our Leadership Advisory Committee of experts. These original research questions can be summarized as:

  • What prices can we expect from LEDs in the near term?
  • When will it be more cost effective to support LEDs than CFLs?
  • What other important developments have there been in the world of residential efficient lighting?

This report is broken up into three sections, which could be described as the present, the future, and tools to move forward. More specifically, the Residential Lighting Landscape Developments section provides updates to relevant activities since the prior 2013-2014 RLS Update was published. The Market Analysis of Residential Lighting section is projecting for the future of lighting markets and programs, and Key Recommendations section presents the tools to achieve this future scenario.

This report is intended to provide direction and support for energy efficiency program administrators (PAs), provide insight to regulators and evaluators, and be a planning tool for policymakers. Additionally, this document is intended to push this region to reach the full potential of residential lighting efficiency and is informed by regional stakeholders, NEEP Staff, and analysis from Ecova and Energy Futures Group.

Link to recording of 12/18/14 webinar presentation of the report.

Link to pdf of 12/18/14 presentation:  RLSUpdatePublicWebinar12-18Final.pdf

Link to the Executive Summary:  2014-2015 RLS Update Executive Summary

Download the report:

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