The Regional Evaluation, Measurement and Verification Forum (EM&V Forum) was a NEEP Initiative from 2009 – 2018, serving  the Northeast and mid-Atlantic regions, from Vermont to the District of Columbia. It was the only regional efficiency effort of its kind in the country. Collaboratively, Forum members worked to build common understanding of EM&V and increased credibility and availability of efficiency-related data. This included projects that support use and transparency of current best practices in evaluation, measurement, verification, and reporting of energy and demand savings, costs, and various impacts of energy efficiency, as well as advancement of  strategies and tools to meet evolving policy needs for efficiency.

Today, NEEP’s EM&V activities continue with the Regional Energy Efficiency Database (REED), policy tracking, technology strategies, and building performance activities to assist communities, states, federal agencies, utilities, NGOs and industry to accelerate state and local government adoption of equitable and impactful building decarbonization policies, programs, and best practices. NEEP's EM&V work has a strategic focus on:

Advanced M&V (M&V 2.0) – Data and Metrics for Decarbonization Policies for evolving programs and technologies.  Research and monitoring of trends in data collection and analytics using automated M&V technology and software

Research and EM&V to Meet Future Needs to support tracking, planning, forecasting and evaluation in the context of integrated efficiency and Distributed Energy Resources, and looking even further ahead, EM&V in the context of decarbonizing policies.

Continued Development of Best Practice Guidance and Tools that help met current needs to collect, analyze and apply efficiency program results, address new program models, and learn from experience in the field. One such tool is the National Standard Practice Manual for assessing Distributed Energy Resources (NSPM) to guide states in developing a jurisdiction specific cost effectiveness test. The Database of State Efficiency Screening Practices is a repository of each state's current screening practice.

Transparency of EM&V Methods and Protocols to enhance credibility and support regional and national understanding of EM&V approaches.

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