Policy Outreach and Analysis

Energy efficiency is a cornerstone of energy policy in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region, with states increasingly seeing the value of pursuing energy efficiency as a least-cost resource that delivers a myriad of proven economic, environmental and social benefits. NEEP's Policy Outreach & Analysis team conducts research and analysis related to best practices in the efficient use of energy in buildings and industry. We serve as a resource to policymakers and program administrators, among others.

In the 2019 Building Decarbonization Public Policy FrameworkNEEP identifies innovative and advanced policy mechanisms that can be used to achieve deep decarbonization of the building sector, a critical component to economy-wide decarbonization. Comprehensive policy can transition the fossil fuel economy into a new, green economy that is environmentally sustainable, economically secure, and socially just. At minimum this includes:

  • Enabling grid optimization with building-level zero carbon energy production and developing power systems with zero-carbon energy;  
  • Deploying widespread energy efficiency measures, especially deep energy retrofits;
  • Fuel switching gas and heating oil with renewable fuels, such as renewable electric and thermal  technology;
  • Integrating buildings as grid assets;
  • Implementing zero energy/carbon building energy codes; and
  • Establishing strong performance standards for new and existing buildings
To learn more, we invite you to view the Regional Roundup and these other key resources:
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