Ready, Set, Scale. Webinar Series: Unlocking the Power of Energy Data

To implement the Inflation Reduction Act Home Energy Rebate Programs, state energy offices will need to address how to obtain access to consumer energy data and use it to better inform program design and customer outreach. Energy data looks at customers’ energy use and behaviors. Unlocking this data can enhance energy efficiency programs by identifying new ways to save energy and foster equitable program design and delivery. Additionally, making data accessible can educate and empower customers to better manage their own energy use in homes, large buildings, and even entire communities.

Many states do not have programs to access, protect, and utilize data. To help in this effort, IRA rebates guidance asks states to submit a data access plan, in partnership with utilities, that will determine how to gather data safely and securely and standardize access. This webinar will introduce the data requirements in the Home Energy Rebates, identify examples of successful data-sharing and data-informing questions, explore other ways data can enhance programs through customer engagement, and identify those with the highest energy burden.

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