Regional End Use Load Profile (EULP) Priority Research and Data Sharing Recommendations

This report is the third and final report produced through NEEP’s Regional End Use Load Profile (EULP) Project, which was conducted from 2020-2021 with support from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). The first two project reports are:

  • Sharing Load Profile Data: Best Practices and Examples (May 2020): This report provides guidance to facilitate effective data sharing among energy data users. It presents background information and definitions important to data sharing. It outlines data sharing barriers and best practice guidelines to help overcome those barriers for several applications in which data sharing is feasible and potentially beneficial. Three data sharing case studies demonstrate the best practice guidelines in actual projects. While the primary focus of the brief is sharing electric load profile data, it is relevant to other energy-related uses.
  • Regional End Use Load Profile Data Inventory and Needs Assessment (April 2021): This report provides a summary assessment of EULP data currently available in Massachusetts, New York, and the Northeast region and identifies regional needs for EULP data in order to guide recommendations for future priority EULP research. The report highlights how quality EULPs can contribute to the energy industry in many ways, including providing a better understanding of the value of energy efficiency, demand response, and other distributed resources, and helping with planning and forecasting efforts.

This report condenses the high-level recommended research areas identified in the Regional EULP Data Inventory and Needs Assessment report and explores two priority areas for future EULP research:

  • Integrating EULP and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) data into energy efficiency program design and evaluation, measurement, and verification practices to better align programs with the decarbonization policies and goals that are being established and pursued across the region.
  • Integrating EULP and AMI data into transmission and distribution planning to better understand and account for distributed energy resources.

The report closes with an update on data sharing policy developments across the region since the Sharing Load Profile Data: Best Practices and Examples report was completed last year, including highlights of data sharing efforts and a call for consideration of a regional data sharing working group.

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